Tyson Gardens | Dallas TX

Established 2009. Grown client by client, referral by generous referral.


I'm a wife, mother and grand-daughter to farmer's daughters...a lifelong lover of gardens and a member of the fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2001 with a degree in Landscape Architecture. 

I design spaces for families, for solitude, for entertaining, for looking at and for being in.  I connect you to the garden by connecting the garden to your needs. 

I began my career in Dallas before meeting my husband and starting a family.  My hometown is Bastrop, home of the Lost Pines.  I  interned every summer from the age of 16-21 for two of the best landscape architecture firms in the Southwest...but it all started by marveling at the perfection of camellia blossoms and anticipating the late afternoon blooms of the four-o'clock vines in my grandmother's garden.  My sister and I ate peaches picked from her trees under the shade of the big magnolia we called "The Under Tree".  It was just a simple little yard in east Texas but to the grandchildren that played there, it was magical.  Gardens leave indelible imprints on our hearts and minds. 

Let me help you make a place built for memories.

-Laura Tyson